AFK (Ammunition Factory Khadki) Recruitment Notification 2016 –

AFK (Ammunition Factory Khadki) Recruitment Notification 2016, Company Account, Classification, Experience,
AFK (Ammunition Factory Khadki) Recruitment Notification 2016

Job Info: Ammo Factory Khadki Has Released Recruitment Notice For 02 Medical professional Blog posts. All Qualified And also Interested Candidates Can Attend Walkin Meeting On 28-06-2016 (28th June 2016). More In-depth Details Relating to Educational Credentials, Age Limit, Option Treatment, Exam Pattern, Curriculum for Ammunition Manufacturing facility Khadki Employment 2016– 02 Physician Blog post is pointed out below.
Firm Call: Ammo Factory Khadki.
Company Account: Ammunition Factory Khadki entered being on 16th December 1869 as a Small Arms making system of the British Government. Normal manufacturing of ammunition cartridge utilizing weapon powder for Sniders Rifle and Henry Martini Rifle commenced in 1872. In 1886, manufacture of Cartg 0.303 ″ journal rifle was developed using cordite (made from nitrocellulose as well as nitroglycerine paste) propellant. In 1914 there was an expansion of making facilities at Ammunition Factory Khadki & various sorts of primary dynamites like mercury fulminate, lead azide, lead styphnate as well as filling of caps, detonators, percussion fuzes & various pyrotechnique stores were presented at Ammo Manufacturing facility Khadki for fulfilling the demands of war in Asia & Africa.
Overall No Of Articles: 02 posts.
Classification: Medical professionals.
Certification: Prospects should have done Graduation Level or its equivalent credentials from an identified university.
Experience: Experience.
Income: Rs. 55,000/-.
Abilities: Good Interaction Abilities.
Age Limit: Candidates top age limit need to not go beyond 58 Years. Age leisures will certainly apply as per the rules.
Selection Process: All Qualified Candidates will Be Selected Based on Their Efficiency In Interview.
How to apply: All Qualified as well as Interested candidates are called for to go to walkin iinterview along with pertinent testimonials to the adhering to Address on 28th June 2016.
Address: Office of Chief Medical Police officer, I/C Ordnance Manufacturing facility Healthcare facility, Khadki Pune– 411 003 Maharashtra.
Crucial Days: Day of Walkin Interview:28 -06 -2016.
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